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Do You Own a Domain Name? 5 Basic Things You Should Know

Do you own a domain name? For those not in the know, iexposure.co.ke is an example of a domain name. At this day and age domain names have become a necessity, a dire part of our daily life, be it for business or individual purposes. Unknown to many domain holders, there are some details that would either make some processes easier or a living hell, details that you won’t be given. For instance, did you know when you register a domain name, your details should be included in the WHOIS  You are the owner or Registrant of any domain names you register or transfer. This means you should have control of all aspects of the domain name including contact information, forwarding, name servers, etc. You can basically do anything you want including selling it or transferring it without anyone frustrating you. Another thing I often encounter is people interested in purchasing a domain name, but worrying they have to have a website. You don’t need to have a website to use a domain. You

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Five Reasons Why You Need a Content Calendar

A lot of people keep asking me about the perfect way to manage social media content for their businesses. I keep telling everyone to create a content calendar - and make it weekly or monthly. The idea of deciding on what to update each day - unless of course you are sharing new information - ignores the whole idea that what you say about your business should be part of your business story. Your brand story. Something that represents the journey of your business in today's world. Here are five reasons why I believe a content calendar is a must for businesses on social media. 1) Content Vs Objectives If you set out what objectives to achieve in a certain time period eg a week or a month, it is easier to gauge whether the content you are planning on using will meet these objectives if you can see most of the content for that period at once. Think of it as a blue-print. Contractors don't decide what design each part of a house should carry but instead follow a professionally

Welcome to The World of Reactvertising

I came across this really cool video that shows how businesses are using real time marketing on social media to reap big benefits by tying their marketing in real time events. Check it